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CHALLENGE:   New product introduction on a limited budget
SOLUTION:  Created a marketing campaign “Check Us Out” that included a product launch around an annual trade show.  The strategy included a Pre show, show and post show campaign.

When it comes to medical marketing and advertising, we’ve got you covered.  The Transcend CPAP is the Smallest, Lightest most portable CPAP in the world™.  Even though Transcend CPAP had already been in the market for 11 months, not many resellers knew about the product.  We had to work harder and position ourselves smarter in order to get the needed result.

For this show we rolled out a campaign that included: Social Media, Direct Mail, Outdoor Advertising, Magazine Ads and In Booth Incentives.  Below are a few of support marketing pieces for this show.

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Tradeshow Video

This is a rough cut video of the tradeshow in Atlanta Georgia.  The first segment of this video shows the Transcend booth and the traffic. Without cutting away the video shows a few competitors and with their booths pretty slow (and to pass the time, a few were taking advantage of the back/foot massage booth across their aisle).  Our strategy of “Check Us Out” worked like a charm and exceeded or anticipated amount of qualified leads.

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20′ X 30′ Trade Show Booth
17 panel interactive modular display.



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Transcend Systems Video

We wrote, directed and produced this product education spot.  This produced Transcend System Video communicates a challenging topic in a clear concise manner.

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10′ Tall Backlit Banners
Banner displays positioned at each entrance and above the main escalator.

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Direct Mail Campaign
Series of three mailers sent out to 8,300 preshow prospects with two goals in mind.
Raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the booth.  


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Tradeshow Publication Ads



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Outdoor Advertising
Strategically placed billboards for optimum traffic.  This particular location consisted of a high volume of foot traffic.


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